Where To Go On A Safe First Date

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Where To Go On A First Date

If you have decided to use online dating websites to find yourself a date, then you might be wondering how your first online encounter is going to play out. There are many different activities that you can do with your new potential partner, all you have to figure out is where you want to go on your first date. Where to go on a first date is a question that many people as themselves, but it is a question with an easy solution. Finding someone to go on a date with is the hardest part, and once that is over all you need to do is pick a day of the week and go enjoy yourself.

Staying Safe

Meeting up with someone from an online platform can be a little scary, especially when you don’t know if your date is going to have anger issues, be rude, be pushy, or treat you badly. Staying safe is the most important thing a woman can do when going her first online date. Before leaving your home, you should tell one of your friends where you are going, who you are meeting, and what time you expect to be home. This will help your friend find you if anything goes wrong. Also, you should make sure you are meeting your date in a public place, and you should probably refrain from going to their house before you really trust them. If you feel like someone is wrong, you should always trust your gut and listen to your intuition. Make sure to bring some pepper spray as well, just in case a situation should escalate.

Going Out To Eat

Not sure where to go for your first online date? Well you’re not the only one. An easy solution is going out to eat with your online partner. Going out to eat is a very good date idea, and this is because you will get to get to know each other, and even try out a new and amazing restaurant. Picking a restaurant is the least of your worries, as long as you both share the same taste in food, then you will enjoy your meal. Choose a place that has a good ambiance and allows you to sit close together and chat. Going to a club or loud bar can stop you from properly hearing or talking to your date, so make sure to pick someplace that has low music. Once the meal is done, you can all it a night or go back to his house. It’s completely up to you. If you didn’t feel a connection, then at least you got to eat some good food.

Going Out For Drinks

Going out for drinks with the guy you met from a dating website is a great way to break the ice. If this is your first time meeting someone from the online world, you might be feeling a little timid or even uncomfortable. Drinking alcohol will help you feel less guarded, and will surely allow you both to loosen up and enjoy your night together. If you are meeting someone with the hopes of having casual sex, then having some drinks is a great idea. You will be more inclined to flirt, lightly touch each other, and share some laughs. If you and your date have decided to go out for drinks, then make sure you pick a pub and not a bar. A pub will offer food, and so if you feel like you are getting a little too drunk, you will be able to order something small to soak up all that extra alcohol. After your night out together, you will feel more inclined and comfortable to go back to his house and spend the night together. Going out for drinks will show him how fun and open you are, which is definitely a bonus.

Going To The Movie Theater

If you feel like you might not have a lot to say to your online date, then going out to see a movie is the perfect solution. Once you meet up, you will be able to engage in a light conversation and then hide out in the darkness for a couple hours. While in the movie theatre, you will have the opportunity to sit close to each other, laugh at jokes, and not have to worry about having to maintain conversation. Once the movie is over, you will feel more comfortable with your date because you have already been with him for quite some time. You will have more to talk about, and you can decide whether or not you want to see him again.

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