I was born in 1989 in Paris and I started my training in Product Design with a batchelor degree at l’Esad de Reims in France before doing my masters at the Royal College of Art that I've finished in 2012.

I’d like to think I have an entrepreneurial streak, and I’m mainly interested in innovation and inventions.
My methodology is largely empirically-based: I normally work with life-size models and multiple prototypes early on in the process to test my design in the scenario it’s intended for.

For me a product's aesthetic is derived from it’s function and context: I’m passionate about how products are manufactured, traded and most of all how they are used. I value simple utilitarian products for daily use more than overtly expressive designs.

I’m interested in industry but also in new and localised modes of manufacturing such as collaborative workshops ("Fab Labs"), and small-scale"batch-production". I value both ends of the production scale from low-tech artisanal modes of manufacturing right through to industrial production using computer assistance.
I'm now sharing a studio with an old friend Tristan Kopp, called Re-Do Studio and based in a Re-use center in London.